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Comprehensive energy storage solutions

We do ESS. Energy Storage Systems.

SMART ENERGY BANK uses the best technologies to offer you the best energy storage solution with SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (powered by CIM).

What we do: SMART ENERGY BANK designs, manufactures and sells battery systems for a complete range of applications from residential storage through to some of the world’s largest energy storage parks.

SmartEstorage collects and stores renewable energy, allowing it to be used as needed.

The storage capacity can be fully customized to meet your facility’s technical needs.

The Main Advantages of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Renewable energy storage is needed to support the doubling of projected electricity demand by 2050.

  • voltage and frequency control,
  • reducing peak demand loads,
  • integration of renewable energy sources,
  • providing backup power supply,
  • optimization of energy production / consumption

The Challenges of the Electricity System

  • Maintaining a balance between production and consumption requires a more flexible electricity system with the proliferation of weather-dependent renewable energy sources due to their fluctuating performance.
  • It will also be necessary to expand system-level reserves to maintain security of supply due to increased production and energy demand.
  • Existing energy networks are not able to move energy efficiently. The map of electricity generation has changed drastically, to which we have to adapt.
  • There is significant investment in in-house renewable energy battery storage to use solar panels and electric vehicles in a coordinated way.